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Descendants of Anna Zimmermann and Niklaus Gilomen

Generation Three

  1. In contrast with some of his cousins, the life of the third Niklaus³ Gilomen (Niklaus², Niklaus¹) is well documented. He was born in Buchholterberg on 08 February 1834, so was almost certainly the youngest member of the Gilomen family to make the voyage to America. (Descendants may be surprised to learn that the birthdate given on his stone in Highland Cemetery is incorrect. But it is.) On 01 January 1856, he married Maria Elisabeth Hirni, the oldest daughter of Christian Hirni by his first wife, Elisabetha Bühlmann. Elisabeth was born in Beatenberg, district of Interlaken, canton of Bern, on 21 April 1837, and came with her family to Highland in 1845, living nearby in St. Jacob Township. Niklaus and Elisabeth lived in several places in Helvetia Township and possibly elsewhere, and in the 1860s they settled permanently in Marine Township. They celebrated their fiftieth anniversary in 1906, and ultimately survived seven of their eight children. Elisabeth died on 15 November 1911. Niklaus, at the age of 78, took his own life by hanging on 26 February 1912.

    Children of Niklaus Gilomen and Elisabeth Hirni:

    1. Elise Gilomen, born 07 December 1856 near Highland
    2. Christian Gilomen, born 27 September 1858 near Highland
    3. Robert Gilomen, born 15 November 1861, died 23 August 1865
    4. Alina Gilomen, born 21 May 1864, died 29 December 1864
    5. Johann Albert Gilomen, born 15 September 1866 in Marine Township
    6. Jakob Wilhelm Gilomen, born 17 October 1869 in Marine Township
    7. Johann Niklaus Gilomen, born 08 July 1872 in Marine Township, died 20 September 1872 in Marine Township
    8. Niklaus Julius Gilomen, born 17 January 1875 in Marine Township

  2. Just as her brother was probably the last member of the family born in Switzerland, so Elisabeth³ Gilomen (Niklaus², Niklaus¹) was probably the first one born in America, in 1835. She married Jacob Fischbacher on 06 February 1854. They may have moved to Montgomery County, Missouri, where a Jacob Fischbacher appears in the 1880 census; but it appears that Elisabeth died before 1858, because she isn’t mentioned in her father’s will of that year.

  3. Maria³ Gilomen (Niklaus², Niklaus¹), or Mary in English, was born near Highland on 05 July 1848. She married Nicolaus Moy in Alma, Buffalo County, Wisconsin on 21 October 1865; the marriage was performed by her cousin, Gottlieb Kurz, justice of the peace (see no. 13 below). Nicolaus was born on 05 July 1841 in Diessbach bei Büren, district of Büren, canton of Bern, to Benedict and Lisbeth Moy. Nicolaus and Mary moved to Elk Mound, Dunn County, Wisconsin prior to the 1875 Wisconsin state census. Mary died on 29 December 1876, and her grave is in Evergreen Cemetery in Elk Mound. The widowed Nicolaus is shown in the 1880 census living in Elk Mound with a young Norwegian immigrant, Christian Martinson, and Christian’s wife Pauline. Nicolaus and Mary’s two daughters were adopted by John and Theresa (Hammer) Iberg of Buffalo County, and appear in their household in 1880. Nicolaus Moy married Emilia Augusta Hickethier on 11 January 1882 and had several more children. In 1900 they lived in Sparta, Monroe County, Wisconsin, but by 1910 they had moved to the city of Bellingham, Whatcom County, Washington. Nicolaus died in Seattle, King County, Washington on 04 December 1917. (Thanks to Steve Mikelson for help with this research.)

    Children of Mary Gilomen and Nicolaus Moy:

    1. Ida Moy, born December 1869
    2. Elisabeth Louise Moy, born July 1872

  4. Albertina³ Gilomen (Niklaus², Niklaus¹) was born near Highland on 01 August 1853, but she grew up in Buffalo County, Wisconsin, where her family lived from 1856 on. (Her baptism record from Highland, which is in German, actually has the spelling Albertine, which is pronounced roughly the same in German; but this was generally superseded by the English spelling used here.) She worked as a house servant for a butcher, Andrew Heinrich, in 1870. She married Georg Liebermann on 20 May 1873 in Gilmanton, Buffalo County. Georg, known in English as George, was born in the village of Unterlind, district of Sonneberg, in the German duchy of Sachsen-Meiningen (now within the state of Thüringen or Thuringia) on 14 June 1846. He came to the U.S. in the 1860s, and in 1876 bought farmland on the border between the towns of Lincoln and Gilmanton; most of the farm was in Lincoln, but the house and other buildings were in Gilmanton. George and Albertina later sold the farm to their younger son and moved to Alma. George died in Alma of carbolic acid poisoning on 27 November 1906. After his death, Albertina lived with her daughter Mary and son-in-law Albert Schultz on their farm, and later moved with them to Mondovi, where she died on 15 January 1918. George was originally buried in the Lincoln Church cemetery, but he and Albertina now share a stone in Riverside Cemetery in Mondovi. (Thanks to Steve Mikelson for most info.)

    Children of Albertina Gilomen and George Liebermann:

    1. William Lieberman, born 18 April 1875 in Buffalo County
    2. Mary Lieberman, born 03 April 1877 in Gilmanton
    3. George Lieberman, born 17 March 1880 in Gilmanton

  5. Wilhelmina³ Gilomen (Niklaus², Niklaus¹) was born on 19 August 1855 in Highland or St. Louis. She was not baptized at Highland, so the family probably was leaving or had left Illinois at the time of her birth. In 1870, she was working as a house servant in the home of Henry Brinkman in Belvidere, Buffalo County. On 23 December 1877 she married George D. Hutchinson in Gilmanton. George, a farmer, was born in 1838 in New Hampshire, and died between 1880 and 1885. Wilhelmina married Lemuel Mahlon Partridge on 21 September 1885 in Alma. Lemuel, or Lem, was born in Blanchard, Lafayette County, Wisconsin on 04 May 1861 to Levi Partridge and Mary Jane Kendal or Smith (sources differ as to his mother’s maiden name). He and Wilhelmina moved to St. Paul, Ramsey County, Minnesota, at some time after their marriage. Wilhelmina died in St. Paul on 09 December 1920, and Lem died in nearby Hastings, Dakota County on 13 April 1938. They are buried in Forest Cemetery, St. Paul. (Thanks to Steve Mikelson for most info.)

    Child of Wilhelmina Gilomen and George Hutchinson:

    1. Anna E. Hutchinson, born 15 November 1879 in Modena, Buffalo County

    Children of Wilhelmina Gilomen and Lemuel Partridge:

    1. Hattie Jane Partridge, born 1886
    2. Arthur Mahlon Partridge, born 29 August 1889

  6. Gottlieb³ Kurz (Anna² Gilomen, Niklaus¹), born 01 September 1831 in Thun; married 14 January 1854 in Madison County, to Maria Elisabetha Leder (possibly Läder). Elisabetha was born in Switzerland in January 1835, and immigrated to Illinois in 1850, presumably with her parents. Gottlieb and Elisabetha were among the members of the Gilomen family that moved to Buffalo County, Wisconsin in 1856. In Wisconsin the family name came to be spelled Kurtz. Gottlieb served as a justice of the peace in Buffalo County (cf. no. 10 above); in 1880 he was a farmer in Lincoln Township, Buffalo County. Gottlieb died on 25 August 1902, and he is listed in the transcription of Herold Cemetery along with his eldest daughter and several children who died in childhood. Elisabetha is not listed there; she was still living at the time of the 1900 census.

    Children of Gottlieb Kurz and Maria Elisabetha Leder:

    1. Maria Elisabeth Kurz, born 11 November 1854 in Madison County, Illinois
    2. Herman Kurtz, born 12 May 1856, died 17 May 1856 in Buffalo County, Wisconsin
    3. Emilia Kurtz, born 22 June 1858 in Buffalo County
    4. Elizabeth Kurtz, born 22 June 1860 in Buffalo County
    5. Gottlieb Kurtz, born 30 October 1861, died 06 February 1863
    6. Adeline Kurtz, born 19 November 1863 in Buffalo County
    7. William Kurtz, born 14 March 1866, died 17 June 1867
    8. Robert Kurtz, born 18 June 1867, died 17 July 1867
    9. Gustav Kurtz, born 15 August 1869, died 25 December 1869
    10. George Arthur Kurtz, born 05 February 1871 in Buffalo County
    11. Edwin Kurtz, born 05 February 1872, died 20 August 1874

  7. Johannes³ Kurz (Anna² Gilomen, Niklaus¹), otherwise John Kurtz, was born in Highland on 23 February 1840. His is the baptismal entry that begins the Evangelical Church’s register. He moved to Buffalo County, Wisconsin, probably in 1856 along with his uncle Niklaus Gilomen (see no. 3 above) and his brother Gottlieb. On 26 November 1866, he married Magdalena Regli, who was born on 18 March 1851 to Kaspar and Verena Regli in the Canton of Schaffhausen, Switzerland, and came to Buffalo County with her parents in 1852. They lived and farmed in Lincoln Township, Buffalo County. John died on 19 January 1890 and was buried in Alma City Cemetery. Magdalena died of cancer at St. Joseph’s Hospital in St. Paul, Minnesota, on 09 March 1910.

    Children of John Kurtz and Magdalena Regli:

    1. Paulina Kurtz, born November 1867 in Buffalo County
    2. Verena Kurtz, born January 1872 in Buffalo County
    3. Gottlieb J. Kurtz, born 06 April 1875 in Buffalo County, died 28 March 1900
    4. Ella Kurtz, born 07 February 1877 in Buffalo County
    5. Charles Fred Kurtz, born 14 September 1883 in Buffalo County
    6. John Kurtz, born 14 September 1883 in Buffalo County
    7. Clara E. Kurtz, born 02 October 1885 in Buffalo County
    8. Norman Kurtz, born 14 December 1887 in Buffalo County
    9. Elfa Johanna Kurtz, born 23 September 1889 in Buffalo County
    10. Magda Kurz, born 23 September 1889 in Buffalo County
    11. Oscar Kurtz, born 29 July 1892 in Buffalo County

  8. The birth and baptism of Verena³ Maurer (Verena² Gilomen, Niklaus¹) are recorded in the books of Holy Ghost Evangelical Church in St. Louis, in a group of nine baptisms performed on 17 July 1838 by Rev. G. W. Wall, then the pastor of that church. Transcriptions of these baptisms were submitted to the Stalker, II, #2, by Robert Buecher, who notes: “The records do not indicate where the baptisms took place, but most likely Rev. Wall performed them in Highland” (p. 69). According to this source, Verena was born 24 April 1837. She was married to Gottlieb Iberg on 04 February 1854. Gottlieb Iberg was a son of Samuel Iberg and Anna Maria Bircher, born 01 October 1830 in Küttigen, district of Aarau, canton of Aargau, Switzerland. Gottlieb and Verena moved to Buffalo County, Wisconsin in 1856 along with other branches of the Gilomen family. In 1880 they lived in Belvidere Township, Buffalo County. Gottlieb died on 07 July 1898, and Verena died on 21 March 1902. They are buried in the Herold Cemetery in Belvidere Township.

    Children of Verena Maurer and Gottlieb Iberg:

    1. Augustina Iberg, born 27 December 1854 in Highland
    2. Johann Robert Iberg, born 27 January 1857 in Buffalo County
    3. Friedrich G. Iberg, born 09 October 1859 in Buffalo County
    4. Bertha Iberg, born 26 September 1863 in Buffalo County
    5. Joseph Iberg, born 06 September 1865 in Buffalo County
    6. Arthur L. Iberg, born 03 November 1869 in Buffalo County
    7. George Iberg, born 05 September 1872 in Buffalo County, died before 1880
    8. Helena Iberg, born 06 August 1873 in Buffalo County, died before 1880
    9. Selma Iberg, born 21 December 1874 in Buffalo County, died before 1880
    10. Henry Iberg, born 01 March 1876 in Buffalo County, died 31 August 1876
    11. Otto Henry Iberg, born 06 June 1878 in Buffalo County
    12. Louis Iberg, born 26 September 1883 in Buffalo County, died before 1900

  9. Sarah Elisabeth³ Tscharner (Elisabeth² Gilomen, Niklaus¹) married Fridolin Kamm in Madison County on 27 November 1862. This was probably the Fridolin Kamm who was born in Filzbach, canton of Glarus, Switzerland on 20 October 1833 to Fridolin Kamm and Katharina Kamm; he appears to have been married at least once before. Elisabeth was a sponsor at the baptism of her niece Antonia Josephina Staeger (see directly below). I haven’t been able to determine what became of either Fridolin or Elisabeth after 1864.

  10. Maria Anna³ Tscharner (Elisabeth² Gilomen, Niklaus¹) was born on 10 December 1840. She married 1) Anton Stäger in Saint Louis on 17 June 1863. Anton was born 08 January 1838 in Zizers, Fünf Dörfer (Five Villages) district, Canton Graubünden (Grisons), Switzerland. Anton died on 24 March 1864; five months later, their only child was born. Maria married 2) Philip John Frederick Schumacher, a blacksmith, on 26 February 1867 in Clinton County, Illinois. Philip was born on 11 April 1840 in Switzerland. In 1880 they lived in Okawville, Washington County. Maria died sometime before 1916, and Philip remarried. He died in Okawville on 12 February 1924.

    Child of Maria Anna Tscharner and Anton Stäger:

    1. Antonia Josephina Staeger, born 20 August 1864

    Children of Maria Anna Tscharner and Philip Schumacher:

    1. Ida M. Schumacher, born February 1868
    2. Louis J. H. Schumacher, born c. 1869
    3. Frank F. Schumacher, born c. 1870/71
    4. Lillian E. Schumacher, born 13 July 1872
    5. Hermina L. Schumacher, born June 1875
    6. Adolph W. Schumacher, born c. 1876/77

  11. Johann Friedrich³ Tscharner (Elisabeth² Gilomen, Niklaus¹), born on 17 May 1845, sometimes went by the German nickname Fritz, and later the English translations Frederick and Fred. He was a blacksmith already at the age of 17, in 1862, and he served in the Civil War as a private in Company E, 144th Regiment, Illinois Volunteer Infantry, for about a year in 1864 and 1865. He moved with his parents to Washington County, Illinois in about 1867, and married 1) Maria Pierce there on 25 May 1867. Maria was born in Missouri around 1840. The couple moved to Henderson County, Kentucky shortly after 1870, and Maria died there on 01 November 1877. Frederick stayed in Henderson County with their son, and eventually remarried there on 07 June 1898, to 2) Kate Kinder. Kate died before 1900, and Frederick died on 17 July 1902, aged 57.

    Child of Johann Friedrich Tscharner and Maria Pierce:

    1. Francis J. Tscharner, born 26 June 1872 in Henderson County

  12. Elisabeth³ Gilomen (Christian², Niklaus¹), born 12 October 1842, was usually known as Elise or Eliza. Elise married Marcell Willhauk on 22 October 1860 in St. Clair County, which borders Madison County to the south. Marcell was born 03 November 1834 in the German state of Baden. The family may have lived in Highland in the 1860s, but by 1880 they lived in Sugar Creek Township, Clinton County, perhaps in or near Trenton. Clinton County hugs the southeast corner of Madison County, and Trenton is about ten miles south of Highland. Marcell died on 18 January 1884. In the census of 1900, Elise is shown living only with her youngest daughter, Adeline, in Greenville, Bond County, about 15 miles northeast of Highland. Elise died at Highland of “liver trouble and complication” on 17 September 1928, aged 85. She and Marcell are buried together in Trenton Cemetery.

    Children of Elise Gilomen and Marcell Willhauk:

    1. Ida Willhauk, born 26 March 1861
    2. Carolina Willhauk, born 09 September 1862
    3. Eliza Willhauk, born 14 January 1864
    4. William Willhauk, born March 1866
    5. Anna Willhauk, born 16 November 1867
    6. Mary A. Willhauk, born 04 August 1869
    7. Friedrich Willhauk, born 07 March 1871, died 01 July 1881
    8. Philippina M. Willhauk, born December 1874
    9. Philipp Marcell Willhauk, born 26 December 1876
    10. Emma Willhauk, born 31 May 1878
    11. Matilda Eva Willhauk, born 25 February 1880
    12. Adeline Willhauk, born 22 February 1882

  13. Marianna³ Gilomen (Christian², Niklaus¹), born 23 March 1847, was known mostly as Mary. She was married in Madison County to Rudolph Zobrist on 07 March 1865. Rudolph died 24 October 1893. Mary died of “apoplexy” on 24 May 1930. They are buried in Highland Cemetery.

    Children of Mary Gilomen and Rudolph Zobrist:

    1. Adolph Zobrist, born 19 November 1866
    2. Anna Bertha Zobrist, born 17 September 1868
    3. Anna Maria Zobrist, born 04 October 1870
    4. Lea Zobrist, born 08 October 1872
    5. Rudolph Zobrist, born 22 December 1874, died 05 February 1964
    6. Hermann Robert Zobrist, born 07 April 1877, died 15 August 1959
    7. Frank Hermann Zobrist, born 10 March 1879
    8. Ida Elise Zobrist, born 06 June 1881
    9. Julia Lydia Zobrist, born 21 November 1884, died 21 April 1887
    10. Bella Ottilie Zobrist, born 14 August 1886

  14. Anna³ Gilomen (Christian², Niklaus¹) was born on 02 April 1849. She married Johann Jakob Bircher on 02 December 1867 in Madison County. He was born 21 June 1841 and died 12 August 1890. Anna died 13 October 1934.

    Children of Anna Gilomen and Jakob Bircher:

    1. Wilhelm Bircher, born 03 February 1870
    2. Emilie Bircher, born 07 August 1871
    3. Louis Bircher, born 10 November 1872, died 20 November 1873
    4. Julius Bircher, born 29 December 1874
    5. Hermina Bircher, born 11 February 1877
    6. Ida A. Bircher, born 05 November 1878
    7. Edwin Bircher, born 24 January 1881, died 29 May 1881
    8. Elise Anna Bircher, born 15 March 1882
    9. Berthold Hermann Bircher, born 24 January 1884