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Descendants of Anna Zimmermann and Niklaus Gilomen

Generation Four

  1. Of the life of Elise⁴ Gilomen (Niklaus³, Niklaus², Niklaus¹), also known as Eliza, there is not much to tell. She was born on 07 December 1856, the oldest of eight children. On 20 February 1877 she married Heinrich Christian Waage, usually known as Henry, who was born in Marine Township on 02 May 1855 to Christian Waage and Maria Döbeli. Eliza died 25 February 1881, at the age of 24. The following year, on 14 March 1882, Henry married Elise Augustine Branger; they would have six children together (not listed here). In 1884, the family moved to Le Roy, Coffey County, Kansas. Henry died in Le Roy on 04 March 1935.

    Children of Eliza Gilomen and Henry Waage:

    1. Maria Adeline Waage, born 28 November 1877
    2. Leo Christian Waage, born 22 August 1879

  2. Christian⁴ Gilomen (Niklaus³, Niklaus², Niklaus¹) was born 27 September 1858, and married Bertha Iberg on 15 March 1881 in Madison County. Bertha was born 01 December 1861 in Madison County to August Iberg and Anna Maria Zobrist. Christian, a farmer, retired to Highland in 1896 and died there on 10 April 1910. Bertha died 10 March 1958, at the age of 96.

    Children of Christian Gilomen and Bertha Iberg:

    1. Christian Louis Gilomen, born 13 January 1882
    2. August Georg Gilomen, born 10 December 1883
    3. Paul Gilomen, born 10 October 1885
    4. Adeline Gilomen, born 08 September 1887, died 05 June 1906
    5. Alvin Gilomen, born 12 January 1890
    6. August Gilomen, born 12 January 1892
    7. Benjamin Gilomen, born 16 August 1895
    8. Bertha Gilomen, born 01 September 1898
    9. Eva Gilomen, born 04 May 1901

  3. Johann Albert⁴ Gilomen (Niklaus³, Niklaus², Niklaus¹), known sometimes as John and sometimes as Albert, was born 15 September 1866, and married Emma Streif on 21 August 1888 in Madison County. Emma, a daughter of Michael Streif and Elisabeth Hößli, was born on 10 September 1865 in Helvetia Township. She died on 20 March 1924 in Highland. John Albert died in Marine on 05 February 1947.

    Children of John Albert Gilomen and Emma Streif:

    1. Lina Elise Gilomen, born 27 May 1889
    2. Ida Emma Gilomen, born 03 October 1891

  4. Jakob Wilhelm⁴ Gilomen (Niklaus³, Niklaus², Niklaus¹), known sometimes as Jacob and sometimes as William, was born 17 October 1869 in Marine Township, and married Elise Iberg on 31 March 1892 in Highland. Elise, called sometimes Eliza but more often Lizzie, was born 12 October 1869 in Madison County to Louis (Ludwig) Iberg and Elisa Kräuchi. Jacob died at age 35, on 12 February 1905. Lizzie died of a heart attack on 22 November 1920.

    Children of Jacob William Gilomen and Lizzie Iberg:

    1. Edgar Nicolaus Gilomen, born 31 December 1892
    2. Roy Louis Gilomen, born 02 April 1894, died 21 August 1920
    3. Leo Joseph Gilomen, born 21 September 1896, died 18 May 1898 of diphtheria
    4. Elise Anna Gilomen, born 16 April 1898
    5. Lilly Leonie Gilomen, born 08 July 1899
    6. Louise Wilhelmina Gilomen, born 30 September 1900
    7. Olive Edna Gilomen, born 21 June 1903
    8. Wilhelm Albert Gilomen, born 17 October 1904, died 12 March 1905

  5. Niklaus Julius⁴ Gilomen (Niklaus³, Niklaus², Niklaus¹) was born 17 January 1875 in Marine Township, and married Anna Maria Iberg in Highland on 06 June 1901. Anna was born 19 December 1877 in Madison County to Louis Iberg and Elisa Kräuchi (also the parents of Eliza Iberg Gilomen, see immediately above). Niklaus died from bronchitis on 15 November 1901, and in their five months of marriage no children were born to this couple. Anna is not known to have remarried, and in 1910 she was still living with her in-laws, Niklaus and Elisabeth (see no. 8 above). Anna died in Madison County on 26 July 1937.

  6. Ida⁴ Moy (Maria³ Gilomen, Niklaus², Niklaus¹), born in Buffalo County, Wisconsin in December 1869, married Bernhard Lange on 19 May 1887 in Alma. Bernhard was born in Nauvoo, Hancock County, Illinois in May 1862. His parents, William Lange and Maria Elisabeth Iberg, had been married in Madison County, but moved to Nauvoo before 1850. Bernhard is double-enumerated in the 1880 census: he appears in the household of his mother and stepfather (Karl Bohne) in Nauvoo, and as a laborer in an unrelated household in Alma. Bernhard and Ida moved before 1900 to Angelo Township, Monroe County, Wisconsin, and by 1910 they settled in Sparta Township in that county. Ida died before 1920, and Bernhard apparently died before 1930. (Thanks to Steve Mikelson for some info.)

    Children of Ida Moy and Bernhard Lange:

    1. William Lange, born April 1888
    2. George Lange, born January 1890
    3. Esther Lange, born July 1892
    4. Ida Delphine Lange, born March 1894
    5. Lawrence Harry Lange, born 27 February 1898
    6. Filmore M. Lange, born about 1900
    7. (living)
    8. (living)
    9. (living)

  7. Elisabeth Louise⁴ Moy (Maria³ Gilomen, Niklaus², Niklaus¹), born in July 1872, married Frederick Fluekiger in Alma on 26 February 1891. Frederick was Elisabeth’s first cousin: he was born in Switzerland in April 1867 to Jacob Fluekiger and Elisabeth Moy, a sister of Nicolaus Moy (see no. 10 above). After 1900, Frederick and Elisabeth moved to La Crosse, La Crosse County, Wisconsin. Elisabeth died there in 1920, and Frederick died there on 27 April 1921.

    Children of Elisabeth Moy and Frederick Fluekiger:

    1. Romeo Frederick Fluekiger, born 25 January 1892
    2. Marion L. Fluekiger, born 30 April 1895
    3. Clarence August Fluekiger, born 07 August 1899
    4. Fred Fluekiger, born and died 06 August 1905
    5. (living)

  8. William⁴ Lieberman (Albertina³ Gilomen, Niklaus², Niklaus¹) was born 18 April 1875 in Buffalo County, Wisconsin. He married Mary Christina Schultz on 20 December 1900. Mary was born in the town of Lincoln, Buffalo County on 12 May 1880 to Ludwig Schultz and Wilhelmina Schultz, and died 18 December 1942. William died 31 October 1953 in Mondovi, Buffalo County. They are buried in Oak Park Cemetery in Mondovi. (Thanks to Steve Mikelson for most info.)

    Children of William Lieberman and Mary Christina Schultz:

    1. Wilma Marie Louise Lieberman, born 02 February 1902
    2. Vernie Mabel Hermina Lieberman, born 14 July 1903
    3. Clarence William Lieberman, born 13 March 1905
    4. Erna Leona Lieberman, born 14 February 1910
    5. Walter Arthur Lieberman, born 19 September 1913, died 30 July 1989
    6. Vilas Raymond Lieberman, born 30 July 1916, died 15 November 1999
    7. Allen Lynn Lieberman, born 08 February 1922, died 11 December 1960

  9. Mary⁴ Lieberman (Albertina³ Gilomen, Niklaus², Niklaus¹) was born 03 April 1877 in Gilmanton, Buffalo County. On 03 October 1901, she and Albert John Frederick Schultz were married by J. G. Kern. Albert was born 20 September 1879 to John Schultz and Johanna Burmeister. After the death of her father, Mary’s mother Albertina lived with them until her death. In the 1920s, Albert and Mary moved to Appleton, Outagamie County, Wisconsin. Mary died in Appleton on 23 December 1937. Albert later married Mary’s cousin, Anna Hutchinson (see no. 32 below). He died in Appleton on 09 June 1957. Mary and Albert are buried in Highland Memorial Park in Appleton. (Thanks to Steve Mikelson for most info.)

    Child of Mary Lieberman and Albert John Frederick Schultz:

    1. Palma Albertina Johanna Schultz, born 10 June 1910, died November 1985

  10. George⁴ Lieberman (Albertina³ Gilomen, Niklaus², Niklaus¹) was born 17 March 1880 in Gilmanton, Buffalo County. He married (1) Louisa Bertha Anna Schultz on 29 October 1903. Louisa was born in Lincoln, Buffalo County, 17 January 1882, to Ludwig and Wilhelmina Schultz, and died 07 February 1944. George married (2) Hannah Rutschow on 14 December 1945. George died on 19 November 1949 in Mondovi. He and Louisa are buried in Oak Park Cemetery in Mondovi. (Thanks to Steve Mikelson for most info.)

    Children of George Lieberman and Louisa Bertha Anna Schultz:

    1. Romeo William Lieberman, born 26 April 1906
    2. Elmer George Oliver Lieberman, born 05 March 1913

  11. Anna E.⁴ Hutchinson (Wilhelmina³ Gilomen, Niklaus², Niklaus¹) was born 15 November 1879 in Modena, Buffalo County. She married (1) Otto Lahn on 09 February 1901 in Alma. Otto was born in about 1879 in Gilmanton; the marriage record spells his surname as Laehn, giving his parents’ names, Carl Laehn and Bertha Schultz. Otto and Anna moved to St. Paul, Ramsey County, Minnesota, prior to 1930. Otto died in Ramsey County on 11 April 1937. Anna married (2) Albert John Frederick Schultz, her cousin Mary’s widower (see no. 30 above), in Appleton, Outagamie County, Wisconsin on 23 November 1939. As stated above, Albert was born 20 September 1879 to John Schultz and Johanna Burmeister and died in Appleton on 09 June 1957. Anna died in Dakota County, Minnesota on 20 July 1962. (Thanks to Steve Mikelson for most info.)

  12. Hattie Jane⁴ Partridge (Wilhelmina³ Gilomen, Niklaus², Niklaus¹) was born in 1886, probably in Buffalo County. On 23 September 1905, she married Lawrence John Niederkorn in Alma. Lawrence was born on 02 March 1878 in Hastings, Dakota County, Minnesota to John Niederkorn and Elisabeth Oberst. Hattie and Lawrence lived in Hastings, where Lawrence had jobs that are barely legible in census returns; in 1920 he seems to have been operating a grain elevator. He died in Hastings on 06 December 1934. Hattie died in 1948. They are buried together in Lakeside Cemetery in Hastings.

    Children of Hattie Partridge and Lawrence Niederkorn:

    1. Lawrence Lemuel Nicholas Niederkorn, born 31 March 1906 in Hastings
    2. Arthur M. Niederkorn, born 29 April 1908 in Hastings, died 22 December 1934 in Nininger, Dakota County
    3. Earl William Niederkorn, born 24 September 1910 in Hastings
    4. Loraine M. Niederkorn, born 25 July 1913 in Hastings
    5. (living)
    6. Marjorie Jane Niederkorn, born 22 July 1921 in Hastings, died 27 February 1924 in Hastings
    7. (living)

  13. Arthur Mahlon⁴ Partridge (Wilhelmina³ Gilomen, Niklaus², Niklaus¹), born 29 August 1889 in Alma, married Myrtle Claire Hopkins on 18 November 1912 in Watonwan County, Minnesota. Myrtle was born on 30 October 1891 in Blue Earth County, Minnesota to Edgar Alphonse Hopkins and Minnie Ellen Thurston. Art and Myrtle lived in St. Paul, Ramsey County, Minnesota in 1920. The Iowa state census of 1925 shows them living in McIntire, Mitchell County, Iowa, which is near Iowa’s border with Minnesota. They had three children. Art was reportedly divorced at some point, but whether he was later divorced from Myrtle or had been married previously is unclear.

  14. Maria Elisabeth⁴ Kurz (Gottlieb³, Anna² Gilomen, Niklaus¹) was born 11 November 1854 in Highland, Madison County, Illinois. Unusually for the place and period, she was known by her first given name, Maria, or its English version, Mary. On 06 December 1877, she married Friedrich John Carl Kurth in Buffalo County, Wisconsin. Friedrich, known as Fred or Fritz, was born in February 1852 in Germany to John and Carolina Kurth. He was a farmer in Belvidere Township until at least 1910, and retired to Alma before 1920. Mary died in 1927, and Friedrich moved back to Belvidere to live with their son George. Mary and Friedrich are both buried in Herold Cemetery, but apparently Friedrich’s stone has no dates; he was still alive in 1930.

    Children of Maria Kurz and Friedrich Kurth:

    1. Dora Amanda Kurth, born 05 May 1879 in Belvidere Township
    2. George Edward Alfred Kurth, born 18 June 1882 in Belvidere Township

  15. Emilia⁴ Kurtz (Gottlieb³, Anna² Gilomen, Niklaus¹) was born on 22 June 1858 in Buffalo County, Wisconsin. Her name appears in early records as “Emma,” “Amalia,” and “Emily,” following a pattern that usually indicates that the individual’s name was actually Emilia or Emilie. She married August Rudolph Zeiler in Lincoln Township, Buffalo County, on 28 March 1882. August was born in Wisconsin in July 1861 to Daniel Zeiler and Mary Schultz. The 1880 census shows him living with the Kurtz family as a hired laborer, which is probably how he met Emilia. The couple lived in the city of Alma in 1900; the census return gives August’s occupation as “engineer.” At some point they moved to northern California, probably living in Mendocino County. August died on 29 April 1936; Emilia died in Mendocino County on 10 December 1944. They are buried in Ukiah Cemetery (which seems to be also known as Russian River Cemetery) in Ukiah, Mendocino County.

    Children of Emilia Kurtz and August Zeiler:

    1. Adeline Zeiler, born January 1883 in Buffalo County
    2. Elsie Zeiler, born September 1888 in Buffalo County
    3. Emma (or Nora) Zeiler, born 14 June 1892 in Alma

  16. Elizabeth⁴ Kurtz (Gottlieb³, Anna² Gilomen, Niklaus¹) was on 22 June 1860 in Buffalo County. Considering that her older sister was baptized Maria Elisabeth, it may be that her name was originally intended as Elise, which was used as a separate name then as now. In fact, the 1880 census does list her as “Elise;” later records generally show her as “Elizabeth.” On 26 October 1885, she married Ludwig Voss, usually known as Louis, in Buffalo County. Louis was born in Wisconsin in January 1865 to Ludwig Voss and Carolina Guenther. In 1900, Louis was a farmer in Lincoln Township, but by 1920 they were living in St. Paul, where he worked as a carpenter.

    Children of Elizabeth Kurtz and Louis Voss:

    1. Selma Bertha Voss, born 11 February 1889 in Lincoln Township
    2. Alfred Louis Voss, born 18 August 1896 in Belvidere Township

  17. Adeline⁴ Kurtz (Gottlieb³, Anna² Gilomen, Niklaus¹) was born on 19 November 1863 in Buffalo County. On 20 March 1884, she married John A. Kraft in Buffalo County. John was born in Wisconsin in March 1859 to Philipp Kraft and Amelia Roth. Adeline and John lived in Alma at first, but by 1910 they moved to Minneapolis, Hennepin County, Minnesota, where they still lived in 1920. In 1930 they lived in Los Angeles, California.

    Children of Adeline Kurtz and John Kraft:

    1. Sarah M. Kraft, born 30 September 1884 in Buffalo County
    2. Orilla Esther Kraft, born 25 February 1889 in Buffalo County
    3. Roy John Kraft, born 20 May 1891 in Buffalo County, died 21 November 1953 in Los Angeles
    4. Elmer George Kraft, born 07 June 1893 in Buffalo County, died 08 July 1959 in Los Angeles

  18. George Arthur⁴ Kurtz (Gottlieb³, Anna² Gilomen, Niklaus¹), born 05 February 1871 in Buffalo County, was an engineer and lived in the city of Alma. He married Lydia Johanna Isker in about 1894. She was born in Buffalo County in September 1874 to Herman W. Isker and Anna Maria Herold. George and Lydia moved to Minneapolis, Hennepin County, Minnesota by about 1906. Sometime after 1920 they moved to California, possibly joining George’s sister Emilia Zeiler (see no. 36 above). George died on 29 December 1935, and Lydia died on 26 June 1938. They are buried in Ukiah Cemetery.

    Children of George Kurtz and Lydia Isker:

    1. Esther A. Kurtz, born 05 September 1895 in Buffalo County, died 15 May 1944 in San Francisco
    2. Leila Ruth Kurtz, born 08 May 1897
    3. Gladys Georgina Kurtz, born 20 September 1899
    4. (living)
    5. Donald H. Kurtz, born 01 December 1903
    6. (living)
    7. Jack Leroy Kurtz, born 22 December 1912 (or 1911) in Minneapolis, died 12 October 1991 in Sonoma County, California

  19. Paulina⁴ Kurtz (Johannes³, Anna² Gilomen, Niklaus¹) was born in November 1867 in Buffalo County, Wisconsin. On 17 March 1888, she married William Fred Kurtzweg in Alma. According to the marriage record, William was a son of Christian Kurtzweg and Frederika Appel; he was born in Germany in January 1865. In the 1880 census, William is shown working for an older William Kurtzweg in Waumandee, very likely an uncle. His parents are shown living nearby in Waumandee. William and Paulina lived in Alma for over twenty years. On 27 March 1912, the whole family entered Canada at North Portal, Saskatchewan (which means they left the United States from Portal, North Dakota), bound for Lucky Strike, Alberta, stating they had a farm there already. In the 1916 census of Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta, the entire family is listed in Lethbridge, Alberta, except the son Arthur. William died in Alberta in 1943; it appears that one of his land claims was still open, and was completed by Paulina after his death.

    Children of Paulina Kurtz and William Kurtzweg:

    1. Edward Carl Kurtzweg, born 10 June 1889 in Alma, died 10 May 1905 in Alma
    2. Fred W. Kurtzweg, born 25 November 1890 in Alma, died 27 March 1891 in Alma
    3. John Kurtzweg, born 19 December 1891 in Alma, died before 1900
    4. William Kurtzweg, born November 1892 in Buffalo County, died 28 August 1946 in Foremost, Alberta
    5. infant son Kurtzweg, born 01 December 1893, died before 1900
    6. Alice Maggie Lorraine Kurtzweg, born 08 October 1894 in Buffalo County
    7. Arthur Gustav Kurtzweg, born 18 August 1895 in Buffalo County
    8. Laura Louise Jane Kurtzweg, born 12 September 1897 in Buffalo County
    9. Alfred Kurtzweg, born 09 January 1899, died 23 February 1899
    10. Vernon Frank Kurtzweg, born 15 April 1900 in Buffalo County, died 1965
    11. Adolf Kurtzweg, born 01 March 1902 in Alma, died 14 March 1903 in Alma
    12. John Frank Kurtzweg, born 02 May 1903 in Alma, died 01 February 1944
    13. Clara Wilma Kurtzweg, born 07 May 1905 in Alma
    14. George Kurtzweg, born 14 July 1906 in Alma, died 1923

  20. Verena⁴ Kurtz (Johannes³, Anna² Gilomen, Niklaus¹) was born in January 1872 in Buffalo County, Wisconsin. On 30 September 1896, she married John P. Faber in Jo Daviess County, Illinois. John was born in Jo Daviess County in March 1866 to Mathias Faber and Mary Weber. In 1900 John worked as a laborer for the railroad while Verena kept house; subsequently John was a carpenter. They lived in St. Paul at least as early as 1910, and were both alive in 1930.

    Child of Verena Kurtz and John Faber:

    1. Florence Louise Faber, born about 1903

  21. Ella⁴ Kurtz (Johannes³, Anna² Gilomen, Niklaus¹) was born in Alma on 07 February 1877. She married Otto L. Walter on 12 December 1896 in Eau Claire County, Wisconsin. Otto was born in Wisconsin in January 1876 to Ferdinand Walter and Mary Ristoe. In 1900, Otto and Ella lived in the city of Eau Claire (in Eau Claire County), and Otto was a clerk in a grocery. Sometime after 1905 they moved to St. Paul. The 1910 census calls Otto a “store keeper” for a “confectionery.” Otto may have died later in 1910, but it’s hard to tell because there apparently were several men named Otto Walter living (and dying) in St. Paul around that time.

    Child of Ella Kurtz and Otto Walter:

    1. Vernie Walter, born September 1897 in Eau Claire County, died between 1905 and 1910

  22. Charles Fred⁴ Kurtz (Johannes³, Anna² Gilomen, Niklaus¹) was born in Alma on 14 September 1883. He married Maud Katherine Meyers on 08 April 1903 in Eau Claire County, Wisconsin. Maud was born in Eau Claire County on 22 July 1887. The marriage record spells her parents’ names as Gustave Meyer and Barbara Smith. Charles and Maud moved to St. Paul sometime between the birth of their second son in 1908 and the census of 1910. The 1920 census shows Charles as a truck driver, and Maud as a “pastry cook” in a restaurant. Charles and Maud had two children.

  23. Clara E.⁴ Kurtz (Johannes³, Anna² Gilomen, Niklaus¹) was born 02 October 1885 in Buffalo County. She married George E. Proudlock on 23 August 1905. George was born around 1880 in Rockford, Minnesota to William Proudlock and Emma Sutton. The census of 1910 shows George and Clara living in Chippewa Falls, Chippewa County, Wisconsin, with a seven-year-old son, and states that they have been married for eight years; it also notes that this is the first marriage for both of them, and shows Clara’s unmarried sister Elfa Kurtz living with them. The same census shows George as a lodger, married but alone, in the home of Clara’s married sister Ella and her husband Otto Walter in St. Paul (see no. 42 above). It’s possible that George wasn’t actually at home in Chippewa Falls, but was working, temporarily, in St. Paul (for a telephone company). It’s also possible that the marriage date I have is wrong; or that their son was born before George and Clara got married, and the census enumerator politely altered the numbers; or that George had in fact been married before, and the enumerator was simply mistaken. Clearly, more information is needed.

  24. Augustina⁴ Iberg (Verena³ Maurer, Verena² Gilomen, Niklaus¹) was born in Madison County, Illinois, on 27 December 1854, and baptized at Highland. On 19 July 1873 she married Count Pulaski Johnson, who was born in Sardinia, Erie County, New York on 15 May 1846 to Mordecai Johnson and Lydia Curtis, and arrived in Waumandee, Buffalo County, Wisconsin in September 1857 with his parents. He was probably named in honor of Casimir Pulaski. Augustina and Pulaski lived in Alma. Pulaski was a teacher, farmer, and blacksmith, and it sounds like he was somewhat well known in the area. He died on 09 October 1920, and Augustina died on 21 April 1939.

    Children of Augustina Iberg and Pulaski Johnson:

    1. Elsie Johnson, died 1876
    2. Bertha Irena Johnson, born 28 September 1875
    3. Helen Amanda Johnson, born 13 May 1877
    4. George Edwin Johnson, born 20 July 1879
    5. Alfred Albert Johnson, born 15 April 1881
    6. Lydia Verena Johnson, born 27 January 1883
    7. Romeo Frank Johnson, born 25 June 1885
    8. Julia Johnson, born 21 August 1887, died 27 November 1887
    9. Arthur P. Johnson, born 06 May 1889
    10. Lillian Johnson, born 28 March 1892
    11. Alice E. Johnson, born 06 October 1894, died 07 January 1985

  25. Johann Robert⁴ Iberg (Verena³ Maurer, Verena² Gilomen, Niklaus¹) was born in Buffalo County on 27 January 1857. On 02 December 1880, he married Annette Auguste Monika Schneider, who was born in Wisconsin in April 1862 to Conrad and Margarethe Schneider. Robert died in St. Paul on 01 May 1909.

    Children of Robert Iberg and Monika Schneider:

    1. Emma Iberg, born 18 August 1882 in Alma, died 11 April 1889 in St. Paul
    2. Oskar J. Iberg, born 22 July 1884 in Buffalo County
    3. Earl Milton Iberg, born 09 December 1893 in St. Paul, died 23 August 1909 in St. Paul

  26. Friedrich G.⁴ Iberg (Verena³ Maurer, Verena² Gilomen, Niklaus¹), or Fred, was born in Buffalo County on 09 October 1859. On 16 October 1884, he married Amelia Molly Kraft, who was born in Wisconsin on 05 May 1861 to Philipp Kraft and Amelia Roth. (Amelia’s brother John married Fred’s second cousin Adeline Kurtz; see no. 38 above.) They moved to the city of Groton, Brown County, South Dakota in about 1891. Fred died in Brown County on 03 January 1932, and Amelia died on 13 September 1943. They are buried in Groton Cemetery.

    Child of Friedrich G. Iberg and Amelia Molly Kraft:

    1. Edwin Fred Iberg, born 11 August 1885 in Wisconsin

  27. Bertha⁴ Iberg (Verena³ Maurer, Verena² Gilomen, Niklaus¹) was born on 26 September 1863 in Buffalo County. She married William John Maier in Alma on 26 November 1885. William was born in Buffalo County on 15 August 1863, to John Michael Maier and Anna Detschel. Sometime after 1902 they moved to Maiden Rock, Pierce County, Wisconsin. Bertha died there on 11 April 1935, and William also died there, in 1942. They are buried in Maiden Rock Cemetery.

    Children of Bertha Iberg and William John Maier:

    1. George Maier, born 07 July 1887 in Buffalo County, died 20 January 1889 in Buffalo County
    2. Olivia Louisa Maier, born 19 August 1889 in Lincoln Township
    3. Della Amelia Maier, born 16 September 1891 in Buffalo County, died 07 August 1972 in Minneapolis
    4. Clarence Fred Maier, born 18 June 1893 in Lincoln Township
    5. John Russell Maier, born 21 March 1895 in Belvidere Township
    6. Lorena Maier, born March 1897
    7. Cora Ida Maier, born 16 June 1902 in Belvidere Township, died 29 August 1963 in Maiden Rock

  28. Joseph⁴ Iberg (Verena³ Maurer, Verena² Gilomen, Niklaus¹), or Joe, was born 06 September 1865 in Belvidere Township, Buffalo County, Wisconsin. On 30 August 1887, he married 1) Louisa Lehmann, daughter of Jacob Lehmann and Louisa Zimmermann. Louisa was born on 09 February 1867, and she died on 13 March 1889, four days after giving birth, at the age of 22. Joe later married 2) Mrs. Bertha C. Timm Voss, on 12 March 1896 in Buffalo County. Bertha was born in Germany in June 1866 to Carl and Henrietta Timm. Joe was a farmer in Buffalo County. He died on 30 March 1930. Bertha died in 1943. They are buried in Herold Cemetery.

    Child of Joseph Iberg and Louisa Lehmann:

    1. Romeo J. Iberg, born 09 March 1889 in Buffalo County, died 09 March 1957 in Wabasha County, Minnesota

    Children of Joseph Iberg and Bertha Timm:

    1. Melvin W. Iberg, born 28 February 1897 in Buffalo County, died 07 March 1902 in Buffalo County
    2. Wilma Iberg, born 12 December 1898, died 18 March 1902 in Buffalo County
    3. Lorena Bertha Iberg, born 08 September 1900 in Buffalo County
    4. Lily A. Iberg, born 15 January 1902 in Buffalo County
    5. Roy Ernest Iberg, born 29 January 1904 in Buffalo County
    6. Esther Emilie Iberg, born 04 November 1906 in Buffalo County

  29. Arthur L.⁴ Iberg (Verena³ Maurer, Verena² Gilomen, Niklaus¹) was born 03 November 1868 in Buffalo County. On 13 November 1892 he married Pauline Kurtzweg, who was born on 12 July 1874 in Lincoln Township to August Kurtzweg and Maria Wilk. In the 1880 census, the Kurtzweg family are neighbors of the Kurtz families. Arthur was a farmer in Buffalo County. He retired before 1930, and he died on 10 November 1943. Pauline died on 04 February 1951. They are buried in Herold Cemetery.

    Children of Arthur Iberg and Paulina Kurtzweg:

    1. Elmer Iberg, born 29 October 1893, died 05 February 1904 in Buffalo County
    2. Leona A. Iberg, born 19 January 1895 in Belvidere Township
    3. Elfa Iberg, born 30 July 1896 in Buffalo County
    4. Hilda Ann Iberg, born 14 February 1898 in Buffalo County
    5. George Gottfried Iberg, born 04 March 1900 in Buffalo County, died 01 April 1900 Buffalo County
    6. Lavina Iberg, born 26 March 1901 in Alma
    7. Harvey William Iberg, born 12 October 1904 in Buffalo County, died 22 August 1993
    8. Raymond Romeo Arthur Iberg, born 09 March 1912

  30. Otto Henry⁴ Iberg (Verena³ Maurer, Verena² Gilomen, Niklaus¹), born 06 June 1878 in Buffalo County, married Hannah Fagerland, who was born in 1881 in Minnesota. By 1918 they were living in Noonan, Divide County, North Dakota. Otto died in 1932, and Hannah died in 1949. They are buried in Zion Lutheran Cemetery in Noonan, along with both their known children.

    Known children of Otto Iberg and Hannah Fagerland:

    1. Reuben Iberg, born 1918 in Noonan, died 1960
    2. Gladys Olga Iberg, born 04 January 1920, died 16 July 1920

  31. Antonia Josephina⁴ Staeger (Maria Anna³ Tscharner, Elisabeth² Gilomen, Niklaus¹), known as Josie, born 20 August 1864, married 1) Philip H. Leibrock in Belleville, St. Clair County, Illinois on 03 February 1883. Philip was born in Mascoutah, St. Clair County on 17 November 1854 to Philip Niklaus Leibrock and Eva Magdalena Schuster, both of whom were Bavarian by birth. In 1880 Philip was a telephone operator in Addieville, Washington County. He and Josie later moved to Mascoutah, St. Clair County, which may be where he died on 05 November 1886. In about 1888, Josie married 2) Frank Frederick Lebkuecher, who was born in Illinois in April 1855. They moved Hopkinsville, Christian County, Kentucky around 1890, and moved again to Nashville, Davidson County, Tennessee, around 1897. Josie died on 04 June 1957, and is buried in Calvary Cemetery in Nashville. Her stone actually says “Josephine Agnes Lebkuecher,” but the dates are correct.

    Children of Antonia Josephina Staeger and Philip H. Leibrock:

    1. Percy Manly Elijah Leibrock, born 29 November 1883, died 03 June 1961
    2. Maynard Frank Leibrock, born 14 August (or July) 1886 in Mascoutah

    Children of Antonia Josephina Staeger and Frank Frederick Lebkuecher:

    1. Owen John Lebkuecher, born 24 April 1889 in Illinois
    2. Mary O. Lebkuecher, born in April 1891 in Hopkinsville
    3. Blanche A. Lebkuecher, born in August 1892 in Hopkinsville
    4. Olvey Francis Lebkucher, born 06 December 1893 in Hopkinsville
    5. Elsie Lebkuecher, born in November 1896 in Hopkinsville
    6. Ralph Philip Lebkuecher, born 15 July 1898 in Nashville
    7. Leo Joseph Lebkuecher, born 19 July 1901 in Nashville

  32. Ida M.⁴ Schumacher (Maria Anna³ Tscharner, Elisabeth² Gilomen, Niklaus¹) was born in February 1868. Around 1889, she married Christian Keyler, who was born in St. Louis, Missouri on 09 February 1855 to Christian Keyler and Magdalena Jenner. Ida and Chris lived in Nashville, Washington County, Illinois, where Chris was a jeweler with his own shop. Ida died in Nashville on 05 December 1941. Chris died in Union County, Illinois on 29 June 1943. They are buried in Greenwood Cemetery in Nashville, Illinois.

    Children of Antonia Josephina Staeger and Frank Frederick Lebkuecher:

    1. Clarence William Keyler, born 11 June 1890 in Nashville, Illinois
    2. Erma Keyler, born 30 November 1893 in Nashville, Illinois

  33. Lillian E.⁴ Schumacher (Maria Anna³ Tscharner, Elisabeth² Gilomen, Niklaus¹) was born in Okawville, Washington County, Illinois on 13 July 1872. She married William A. Schreiner, who was born in December 1867 or 1869. They moved to St. Louis, Missouri after 1900. Lillian died in St. Louis on 18 December 1937 of a pulmonary embolism that somehow resulted from an operation she had fifteen days earlier. Lillian and William had at least four children.

  34. Francis J.⁴ Tscharner (Johann Friedrich³, Elisabeth² Gilomen, Niklaus¹) was born on 26 June 1872 in Henderson County, Kentucky. His mother died when he was only five years old. He married Carrie Keach in Henderson County on 30 November 1899. Carrie was born in Kentucky on 04 March 1876 to Albert Keach and Sue Long. Carrie died in Henderson County on 28 February 1946, and Frank died in Jefferson County, Kentucky on 25 December 1959.

    Children of Francis J. Tscharner and Carrie Keach:

    1. Alberta Tscharner, born 1904, died 1943
    2. Doris D. Tscharner, born 1908
    3. Robert Pierce Tscharner, born 13 November 1911
    4. Sue Long Tscharner, born 27 November 1914, died 25 November 2000 in Louisville

  35. Ida⁴ Willhauk (Elisabeth³ Gilomen, Christian², Niklaus¹) was born on 26 March 1861. She married Herman Rock in Madison County, Illinois on 22 December 1881. Herman was born in November 1859 in Lebanon, St. Clair County, Illinois to Peter Rock and Catherine Frey. In the 1880s, Herman was a farmer in Trenton, Clinton County, but by 1900 he and Ida moved to Belleville, St. Clair County, where Herman worked as a hostler (taking care of horses) for a livery stable. Ida died on 12 September 1922 in Belleville, and Herman died in Belleville on 01 February 1926. The census of 1900 indicates that they had a total of five children, but only four living by that time.

    Known children of Ida Willhauk and Herman Rock:

    1. Peter Rock, born in April 1882
    2. Edward William Rock, born 15 August 1885 in Trenton
    3. Conrad Rock, born 22 September 1887
    4. Frank W. Rock, born 28 February 1894

  36. Carolina⁴ Willhauk (Elisabeth³ Gilomen, Christian², Niklaus¹) was born on 09 September 1862, and married John Gafner in Madison County on 24 February 1881. John was born in Highland on 08 August 1857 to John Gafner and Emma Branger. Carolina died in Belleville on 08 August 1932, and John died in Belleville on 02 March 1939. They are buried in Walnut Hill Cemetery.

    Children of Carolina Willhauk and John Gafner:

    1. Emma Gafner, born April 1883
    2. Louis John Gafner, born 19 January 1885, died 03 December 1936
    3. Olga Gafner, born December 1887
    4. Ida Gafner, born March 1889
    5. Lily Minnie Gafner, born 26 March 1892

  37. Eliza⁴ Willhauk (Elisabeth³ Gilomen, Christian², Niklaus¹) was born in Helvetia Township on 14 January 1864, and married Emil Eggen in Madison County, Illinois on 12 November 1885. Emil was born in St. Jacob Township on 07 February 1864 to Emil Eggen and Anna Luehm. Eliza and Emil had a farm in St. Jacob Township. Emil died in Highland on 18 March 1935. Eliza died on 14 January 1940 in Highland.

    Children of Eliza Willhauk and Emil Eggen:

    1. Louise Eggen, born January 1888
    2. Mathilda Eggen, born 13 August 1889
    3. Flora Eggen, born 28 July 1891
    4. Nellie Hilda Eggen, born 28 June 1893, died 07 October 1896
    5. Elsa Eggen, born 01 April 1899, died 25 April 1902
    6. (living)

  38. William⁴ Willhauk (Elisabeth³ Gilomen, Christian², Niklaus¹) was born in March 1866, and married 1) Elise Buchter on 05 May 1892 in Madison County. Elise was a daughter of John Buchter, Jr. and Catharina Janett. She may have died before 1899. On 12 December 1899, William married 2) Pauline Hofmann in Bond County, Illinois. Pauline was born on 18 October 1877. She died in Highland in April 1970, at the age of 92.

    Known children of William Willhauk and Elise Buchter:

    1. Erwin Willhauk, born 05 February 1893, died 14 February 1893
    2. Ruby Ernestine Willhauk, born 30 January 1894

    Known child of William Willhauk and Pauline Hofmann:

    1. Felton Willhauk, born 23 September 1900 in Highland, died September 1966 in Highland

  39. Anna⁴ Willhauk (Elisabeth³ Gilomen, Christian², Niklaus¹) was born on 16 November 1867. She married 1) Simon or Samuel Deuerling on 25 February 1886 in Madison County. The spelling of Simon/Samuel’s name is not certain. He was born c. 1854 in Germany, and was a wagon maker in St. Morgan. He may have died fairly young. Anna married 2) Jacob Hultz on 29 October 1894 in Madison County. Jacob was born in August 1833 in Ohio. In the census of 1900, Anna is shown as having had eight children, but with only five still living. She must have married 3) a Mr. Hamilton soon after 1900. She died on 06 September 1905, and her grave in Highland Cemetery is listed on as that of Anna (Willhauk) Hamilton.

    Known children of Anna Willhauk and Simon Deuerling:

    1. Anna (or Alvina) Deuerling, born 14 August 1886 in St. Morgan
    2. Minnie Deuerling, born June 1889
    3. Della Deuerling, born February 1892

    Known children of Anna Willhauk and Jacob Hultz:

    1. Nellie Hultz, born December 1893
    2. Effie Hultz, born November 1898

  40. Mary A.⁴ Willhauk (Elisabeth³ Gilomen, Christian², Niklaus¹) was born on 04 August 1869, and married 1) Julius Rohr, who was born in Madison County in January 1858 to Nicholas and Flora Rohr. Before 1910, Mary apparently married 2) a Mr. Garrison, who died before 1910. In 1910, Mary was making her living by renting out rooms in her house in East St. Louis, St. Clair County, Illinois. By 1918, Mary married 3) Ernest A. Nelson, who was born around 1878 in Indiana to Swedish parents. In 1920, Ernest was a boiler maker for Standard Oil. Mary died in the village of East Alton, Madison County on 14 February 1927.

    Children of Mary Willhauk and Julius Rohr:

    1. Eduard Victor Rohr, born 10 September 1891
    2. Genevieve Rohr, born February 1896, died before 1910
    3. Armond Jules Rohr, born 08 February 1898, died April 1971
    4. (living)

  41. Philippina M.⁴ Willhauk (Elisabeth³ Gilomen, Christian², Niklaus¹), born in December 1874, married William Bert Dever, around 1898. Bert was born on 25 March 1878 in Illinois. By 1910 he was working as a conductor for the Pennsylvania Railroad, and the family was living in Terre Haute, Vigo County, Indiana. Philippina died in Terre Haute on 25 November 1940.

    Children of Philippina Willhauk and Bert Dever:

    1. Harriet G. Dever, born September 1898, died 04 June 1929 in Los Angeles
    2. Mona M. Dever, born 29 May 1904, died 31 January 1954 in Los Angeles

  42. Philipp Marcell⁴ Willhauk (Elisabeth³ Gilomen, Christian², Niklaus¹), spelled Philip in English, was born in Highland, Madison County, Illinois on 26 December 1876. He married Emma Louise Siedler, who was born in Highland on 05 January 1879 to John Siedler and Emma Blattner. Sometime after 1911, Philip and Emma moved to Saint Louis, Missouri. Philip worked as a painter in 1918, as foreman for a cigar box company in 1920, and as a paper carrier in 1928. He was found hanged on 29 January 1928 at his and Emma’s home in Saint Louis. Emma was then supported by her sons, who all still lived with her in 1930. She died in Saint Louis on 13 May 1958. They are buried in Highland Cemetery.

    Children of Philip Willhauk and Emma Siedler:

    1. Royce Philipp Willhauk, born 23 October 1904
    2. Wallace Marcell Willhauk, born 06 November 1906 in Highland, died 23 May 1907 in Highland
    3. Ralph Clyde Willhauk, born 23 October 1908 in Highland, died 31 August 1997 in Ste. Genevieve County, Missouri
    4. Marcel J. Willhauk, born 23 August 1911, died July 1984 in St. Louis

  43. Emma⁴ Willhauk (Elisabeth³ Gilomen, Christian², Niklaus¹), born 31 May 1878, married 1) Thierry Emile Chipron around 1895. Thierry, a baker, was born in Illinois on 24 September 1877 to Emile Chipron and Henriette L. Gleyre. He died at the age of 28, on 25 February 1906. Emma later remarried. She died in Denver, Colorado, on 09 April 1943.

    Known children of Emma Willhauk and Thierry Emile Chipron:

    1. Thelma Chipron, born February 1897
    2. Esther Chipron, born February 1898
    3. Lucile Chipron, born February 1900

  44. Matilda Eva⁴ Willhauk (Elisabeth³ Gilomen, Christian², Niklaus¹), sometimes known as Tilly, was born in Clinton County, Illinois on 25 February 1880. On 12 February 1898, she married Carl Alexander Janett in St. Clair County, Illinois. Matilda died on 03 May 1943 in Vandalia, Fayette County, Illinois. Alexander seems to have been born on 06 August 1879, and to have died in August 1969 in Belleville, St. Clair County.

    Child of Matilda Eva Willhauk and Carl Alexander Janett:

    1. Christy C. Janett, born 22 May 1899, died April 1982 in Las Vegas

  45. Adeline⁴ Willhauk (Elisabeth³ Gilomen, Christian², Niklaus¹), was born on 22 February 1882. On 19 November 1914, she married Frederick W. Klanke in St. Charles, St. Charles County, Missouri. Fred was born in Missouri on 26 November 1881 to August Klanke and Lena Klanke. Adeline and Fred lived in St. Louis, Missouri, where Fred was a clerk for the St. Louis Post Office. In 1930, they were sharing a house with five younger siblings of Fred. The oldest, Amelia, was widowed and owned the house they all lived in. Fred and Adeline were the only ones paying rent to Amelia, even though both Fred’s brothers and one of his other sisters were employed. Fred and Adeline apparently had no children. Adeline died in June 1971.

  46. Adolph⁴ Zobrist (Marianna³ Gilomen, Christian², Niklaus¹), born 19 November 1866, married Rose Elizabeth Neumann in Madison County on 06 May 1890. Rose was born on 19 July 1869 in Highland to John Neumann and Mary Kantner. She died in Highland on 04 August 1947. Adolph died in Highland on 08 June 1951.

    Children of Adolph Zobrist and Rose Neumann:

    1. Erwin Albert Zobrist, born 22 November 1891
    2. Mildred Rose Zobrist, born 16 December 1892
    3. Edgar Zobrist, born 28 September 1896
    4. Stella Zobrist, born about 1901
    5. Edna Zobrist, born about 1903
    6. Zeno Martin Zobrist, born 25 September 1905
    7. Albert Zobrist, born 23 November 1908
    8. Wilbert Zobrist, born 27 February 1911, died 05 July 1996

  47. Anna Bertha⁴ Zobrist (Marianna³ Gilomen, Christian², Niklaus¹) was born 17 September 1868, and married John Zobrist on 17 April 1888 in Madison County. John was born in Switzerland on 25 January 1867, and came to the U.S. in the 1870s with his parents, John Zobrist and Louisa Schmidt. One secondary source gives him the middle name Frederick, but so far I haven’t found any corroborating evidence for this. He was a painter, at least sometimes of houses, and possibly of other things. Bertha was a housewife. John died in Highland on 07 February 1932. Bertha died in Madison County on 19 September 1938. They are buried in Highland Cemetery.

    Bertha and John probably were not closely related. Zobrist families are very numerous in Rupperswil, Canton Aargau, Switzerland and the surrounding area, and there were several offshoots of these families that settled in Madison County.

    Children of Bertha Zobrist and John Zobrist:

    1. Nellie Zobrist, born 30 December 1888, died 25 February 1890
    2. Maida Zobrist, born 29 September 1890, died 19 October 1890
    3. Lillian Zobrist, born July 1892
    4. John Zobrist, born 07 June 1894
    5. Osmar M. Zobrist, born 09 April 1896, died 23 September 1957
    6. Eleanor Zobrist, born 24 June 1898
    7. Theodore R. Zobrist, born 17 August 1900
    8. Florence Myrtle Zobrist, born 18 May 1903, died 18 December 1921 in Highland
    9. Roy Zobrist, born 16 June 1905, died 08 October 1955
    10. Harvey D. Zobrist, born 03 November 1907
    11. Arline Selma Zobrist, born 31 January 1911

  48. Anna Maria⁴ Zobrist (Marianna³ Gilomen, Christian², Niklaus¹), or Mary, was born on 04 October 1870. She married Christian Fred Zimmermann on 24 October 1894 in Madison County. Christian was born in Illinois on 07 September 1871 to Fred Zimmermann and Francisca Dommert. He and Mary lived in Highland in 1900; by 1910 they had moved to the village of Pocahontas in Burgess Township, Bond County, Illinois. Christian died in Highland on 22 January 1925. Mary died on 14 January 1959.

    Children of Mary Zobrist and Christian Zimmermann:

    1. Melvin Fred Zimmermann, born 23 June 1896, died October 1959
    2. Raymond R. Zimmermann, born about 1901

  49. Lea⁴ Zobrist (Marianna³ Gilomen, Christian², Niklaus¹) was born on 08 October 1872 in Highland. She married Joseph Fellhauer in Madison County on 18 April 1893. Joseph was born in July 1871. Lea died 14 November 1921 in Highland.

    Children of Lea Zobrist and Joseph Fellhauer:

    1. Elmer Joseph Fellhauer, born 12 February 1895, died September 1982
    2. Laura Fellhauer, born 24 August 1899
    3. (living)
    4. Edna Fellhauer, born about 1903

  50. Frank Hermann⁴ Zobrist (Marianna³ Gilomen, Christian², Niklaus¹) was born on 10 March 1879 in Highland. He married Emma Elisabeth Moehlheinrich, a daughter of Heinrich Moehlheinrich and Emma Miller, who was born in Madison County on 17 May 1883 and baptized at Grantfork. Hermann died in Saint Louis, Missouri on 27 March 1950 of esophageal cancer. His death certificate says that he is buried in the Hug Cemetery in Bond County, Illinois, but he shares a stone with Emma in Highland Cemetery. Emma died in April 1956.

    Children of Hermann Zobrist and Emma Moehlheinrich:

    1. Milton Hermann Zobrist, born 29 January 1915, died December 1976
    2. Esther Lorene Zobrist, born 30 November 1916, died 29 June 1989
    3. Nelson Rudolph Zobrist, born 03 February 1920

  51. Bella Ottilie⁴ Zobrist (Marianna³ Gilomen, Christian², Niklaus¹) was born in Highland on 14 August 1886. She married 1) August Haegler. They were divorced by 1930. On 23 December 1943, Bella married 2) William Martin Dresch, a miner, who was born on 26 December 1888 in Collinsville, Madison County, to William M. Dresch and Katherine Merkel. Bella died on 19 June 1966 (or 1967) and is buried in Highland Cemetery. She and August had at least one child.

  52. Wilhelm⁴ Bircher (Anna³ Gilomen, Christian², Niklaus¹), known sometimes as Willie but mostly in English as William, was born in Helvetia Township, Madison County, Illinois on 03 February 1870. He worked at various jobs, living in Highland and supporting his widowed mother. In 1900 he was a machinist, in 1910 an engineer for a traction engine company, in 1920 a laborer in a shoe factory, and in 1930 a thresherman working with wheat and oats. (A thresherman must be someone who operates the machine that separates the stalks and husks out of harvested grain.) William probably never married; at least, he was still single in 1930. He probably lived past 1950.

  53. Emilie⁴ Bircher (Anna³ Gilomen, Christian², Niklaus¹) was born 07 August 1871. Most records spell her name as Emily, but the earliest record is the baptism entry, which is in German and uses Emilie. She married Louis Bollman on 11 September 1894 in Madison County. Louis was born in Illinois in February 1872. The census returns of 1900 and 1910 show Emily and Louis living in Highland, but several obituaries and other records indicate that at least some of their children were born in Troy. By 1920, they lived on a farm in Collinsville Township. Emily died in Caseyville, St. Clair County, Illinois on 14 December 1939.

    Children of Emily Bircher and Louis Bollman:

    1. Irma Bollman, born 09 December 1894
    2. Hannah Bollman, born August 1896
    3. Elias Harry Bollman, born 23 August 1898, died 14 January 1949
    4. Alice Bollman, born 12 March 1901, died April 1983
    5. Oscar Bollman, born 04 November 1903
    6. Oliver Bollman, born 16 March 1907, died 05 June 1993
    7. Percy Bollman, born 15 February 1910, died 15 April 1997
    8. Verna Bollman, born 22 June 1912, died 17 April 2004
    9. Marlin Bollman, born 11 June 1915, died January 1966
    10. Raymond Bollman, born 22 September 1916, died 26 December 1997

  54. Julius⁴ Bircher (Anna³ Gilomen, Christian², Niklaus¹) was born 29 December 1874 in Madison County, Illinois. He married 1) Rosina Lory, who was born on 02 February 1870 in Linn, Osage County, Missouri to Louis Lory and Margaret Kehrli. Rosina died in Highland on 19 June 1899. Julius moved back into his mother’s household, and his children with Rosina seem to have been raised by her parents from that point on. In 1900, Julius worked as a laborer in a brewery. Around 1905, he married 2) Ida Margaret Joseph, who was born in Jarvis Township, Madison County on 18 September 1887 to Alfred Sebastian Joseph and Susan E. Gerstenecker. In the census of 1910, Julius is shown as married, but Ida and their daughter are not enumerated; this could be an error, or they could have really been living separately. By 1920 they all lived together in St. Louis, where Julius was working as a stitcher for a shoe company, and Ida was working as a salesperson in a department store. Ida died in St. Louis on 14 November 1928. Julius probably moved back to Highland after that; he died in Madison County on 17 January 1950.

    Children of Julius Bircher and Rosina Lory:

    1. Daisy Bircher, born 07 October 1896 in Missouri
    2. Leroy Bircher, born 21 April 1898 in Missouri

    Child of Julius Bircher and Ida Margaret Joseph:

    1. Helen Marie Bircher, born 05 October 1905 in Illinois

  55. Hermina⁴ Bircher (Anna³ Gilomen, Christian², Niklaus¹) was born on 11 February 1877 in Highland. On 22 April 1903, she married William Henry Dettmar in Madison County. William was born in Illinois on 12 October 1874 to Charles Dettmar and Elizabeth Sudhoff. He was a coal miner. William and Hermina mostly lived in and around Troy, Madison County, although in 1930 they were living in Edwardsville. William died in Highland on 24 April 1933. Hermina died in Troy on 29 October 1960. They are buried in the Friedens Cemetery in Troy. They had three children.

  56. Ida A.⁴ Bircher (Anna³ Gilomen, Christian², Niklaus¹) was born in Highland on 05 November 1878. On 04 April 1899, she married Carl Christoph Ruedi in Madison County. Usually known as Charles Ruede, he was born on 05 April 1874 in Cuba, Crawford County, Missouri to John and Emma Ruedi. Ida and Charles lived in Saint Louis. The census shows that Charles had various occupations related to food and food service: in 1900, he was a clerk in a grocery; in 1910, he was a grocer in his own right; in 1920, he was a bartender in a saloon; and in 1930, he was the manager of a restaurant. Ida died in Saint Louis on 01 December 1926. In about 1929, Charles remarried. He died at the St. Louis County Hospital in Clayton, St. Louis County, Missouri on 07 December 1948; he was survived by his second wife, Marion. Charles and Ida are buried in Park Lawn Cemetery in Saint Louis. They had one child.

  57. Elise Anna⁴ Bircher (Anna³ Gilomen, Christian², Niklaus¹) was born on 15 March 1882. She was always known by her second name, Anna, sometimes in the form Annie. She married Gottlieb Henry Mick on 24 June 1902 in Madison County. Gottlieb was born on 27 March 1878 in Madison County to Jacob and Barbara Mick. He worked as a coal miner, a laborer for the U.S. Radiator Corporation, and a fireman for a brick company (which must mean someone working at the kiln, rather than a firefighter). Gottlieb died in Highland on 20 April 1941. Anna died in Madison County in December 1977, at the age of 95.

    Child of Anna Bircher and Gottlieb Mick:

    1. Wilbur Julius Mick, born 27 May 1903, died 11 July 1989

  58. Berthold Hermann⁴ Bircher (Anna³ Gilomen, Christian², Niklaus¹) was born on 24 January 1884. He worked for a milk condensing company in 1900, and for a shoe factory in 1920. He lived with his mother and oldest brother (William, no. 72 above) until at least 1920, and continued to lived near them through 1930. Around 1920, Berthold married Katherine M. R. Baumann, also known as Katie, who was born in Illinois on 02 December 1889 to Frederick Baumann and Barbara Zimmermann. In 1930, Berthold was working as a thresherman; in fact, he and his brother William are listed with identical occupations in the 1920 and 1930 census returns. Berthold died on 24 July 1951. Katie died on 20 December 1962. They are buried together in Highland Cemetery.