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* Last updated on 19 March 2014 *

I decided to open a separate wing of the site for the descendant reports I’ve written, since they’re not of general interest, but do deserve a home on the Web. So here they are. A name index may be available at some later time.

These are works in progress. More information will be added as it is collected and verified. In particular, biographical information is lacking. Visitors to the site are encouraged to contribute anything that may supplement the existing reports.

I may have posted the names of some descendants who are still living. Since I’m not in contact with all branches of these families, it’s sometimes impossible to be certain who is still alive and who is not. Further information in this regard is always welcome.

Descendants of Sarah (KIRKPATRICK) and Samuel STEELE

The ancestors of Sarah Kirkpatrick (c. 1779–1832/35) and Samuel Steele (1775–1859) appear to have been Scots Irish settlers in colonial Pennsylvania, and later Kentucky. Samuel and Sarah were pioneers in Ohio and Indiana. My branch of the family settled in Johnson County, Iowa, near the (former) village of Green Castle. Other branches lived in Olena, Henderson County, Illinois; Rockville, Parke County, Indiana; Keosauqua, Van Buren County, Iowa; and Bloomfield, Davis County, Iowa. Includes families of Babcock, Ewing, Ferguson, Folker, Gardner, Hiatt, Markham, Mayne, Steele, and Wolfe in Iowa; Allen, Gardner, Hildreth, Steele, and Taylor in Illinois; Cruft, McCune, and Steele in Indiana; Babcock, Ferguson, and Steele in Colorado; Sherman in Arizona, Kansas, New York, and Washington; Harbison, McFall, and Robertson in Washington; Blake, Steele, and Whittingham in West Virginia; Karr in Oregon; and Ewing in New Mexico. Many descendants later moved to California. Also presented as an outline.

Descendants of Anna (ZIMMERMANN) and Niklaus GILOMEN

Niklaus Gilomen (1782–1857) came to Illinois in 1835 with six children and several grandchildren. They had been residents of the village of Buchholterberg (within the ecclesiastical parish of Oberdiessbach) in the district of Thun, in the Swiss canton of Bern, with citizenship in the same canton at the village of Scheunenberg in the parish of Wengi bei Büren. Includes families of Bircher, Bollman, Chipron, Dettmar, Dever, Eggen, Fellhauer, Gafner, Gilomen, Hultz, Iberg, Kurz, Maurer, Mick, Rock, Rohr, Schreiner, Schumacher, Staeger, Tscharner, Willhauk, Zimmermann, and Zobrist in Illinois and Missouri; Waage in Kansas; Fluekiger, Hutchinson, Iberg, Johnson, Kurth, Kurtz, Lange, Lieberman, Maier, Moy, Niederkorn, Partridge, Schultz, Voss, and Zeiler in Wisconsin and Minnesota; Lebkuecher, Leibrock, and Tscharner in Kentucky and Tennessee; and Kurtzweg in Alberta and California. Also presented as an outline.

Descendants of Verena (BAUMANN) and Johannes DÖBELI

The family of Johannes Döbeli arrived in America in 1843, from the village of Holderbank in the canton of Aargau. The oldest daughter, Maria, married Christian Waage, originally of Dannenberg, Germany, during that same year. Includes families of Ambuehl, Bardill, Bircher, Ferguson, Gardner, Grimm, Hirsch, Hurleman, Krenzer, Krummel, Neudecker, Pagan, Plocher, Rozier, Surfluh, Tschannen, Waage, Weder, and Wernle in Illinois, Missouri and California; and Doebele, Fosha, Hellman, Kleiner, Riniker, and Waage in Kansas, Nebraska and Oklahoma. NOTE: This report will eventually include the fifth generation of descendants, but I’ve run into some problems with adding them. Also presented as an outline.

Descendants of Christian HIRNI

Christian Hirni (1809–1875) came with his second wife and five children to Illinois in 1845 from Beatenberg in the district of Interlaken and canton of Bern. Nine more children were born in America. Descendants live all over the United States and in Alberta, Canada. Includes families of Binder, Frickenstein, Gardner, Gilomen, Kamm, Lang, Michael, Reinacher, and Waage in Illinois; Hirni in California, Florida, Missouri, and Washington; Hyde in California; and Hammer in Alberta and Florida. Also presented as an outline.

Notes on the PROCTOR Family

Not a descendant report, but this seems like the best place to put it for now. Evidence, in some cases circumstantial, regarding several points of difficulty.

About the Genealogy Wing

The genealogy pages on this site are not intended as formal reports. They’re meant as research guides, to help fellow researchers find the connections or sources they may be having trouble locating otherwise. If you need to know where I got a particular piece of information, you can always e-mail me and ask, but to go through and footnote everything on here would be an extraordinary amount of work, much more than I want to inflict on myself. Furthermore, the result would be something I could potentially sell to a periodical, or even publish as a small book, and I would no longer be comfortable sharing the information free of charge. But I suspect it would never even reach that point, because if this ever became a job I would quickly get sick of it.

So I make no money doing this, even though I put plenty into it when I can. All of the families documented here include some of my own direct ancestors. (If you pay close attention, you can see where they all intersect.) I’ve always had two main reasons for sharing this information on the Internet. The first is that I want my distant relatives, and any other interested parties, to benefit from my research (roughly two decades’ worth, and counting). Naturally, I focus most on my direct lines, but I’ve also uncovered a lot of information on other branches of these families and some of their relations by marriage (often with help or hints from other researchers, but sometimes on my own), and I feel like all that effort is wasted if the information isn’t at least available to the people who actually descend from those lines, and to any other interested members of the extended family. The second reason for these pages is that I always hope others will contribute any information I may be missing, particularly about generations earlier than those I’ve been able to find.

All of the actual writing for this site is done by me, Darrell Manrique. If you copy any of it elsewhere, please include an attribution with my name, or at least a link back to Even where I rely on the research of others — and I try to note where this is the case — the written narrative is my original work. Also, if you do use any of this information, please be sure to check back every so often, because I update these pages when I get new information, and there have been periods when I updated at least once a month for several months. I doubt the research will ever be finished, so updates will continue, with no particular schedule, for as long as I can continue doing this.

About my heritage: On one side, I’m a quarter English (except 1/64 Welsh), 3/32 Swiss, 1/16 South German, 1/32 North German, probably 1/64 Scots-Irish, and some loose ends which probably are mostly British, but definitely include a Polish ancestor who came to America around 1702. Famous deceased relatives include an environmental reporter and nature writer from Wisconsin, a state senator from Indiana, a federal judge from Kentucky, the late President Gerald Ford (reputedly), and very possibly First Lady Sarah Childress Polk. The other side is mostly Spanish, but it appears that I have a small amount of native Peruvian ancestry too. The Spanish and Peruvian side doesn’t get any coverage on this site yet because I still have relatively little information, but my surname indicates that my paternal line probably goes back to a prominent medieval Castilian noble family.

About me personally: I’m in my forties and have lived in Arizona, California, Iowa, New Jersey, and New York, but not in that order. I’ve studied German and a little Spanish. You can see some of my other interests by looking around the rest of this site.